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Crown Lengthening (Tooth Wear)

To restore damaged teeth that have shortened due to wear, sometimes it requires exposing more tooth material than is available above the gum line.

In these situations, your doctor may recommend a procedure called crown lengthening, in which the surrounding tissue is altered to expose sufficient healthy tooth material to allow for a restoration to be attached.

This procedure involves your doctor accessing the area below the gum line and increasing the amount of tooth material that is exposed, usually by modifying the surrounding bone and tissue, effectively lengthening the tooth.

Next, the area is sutured and allowed to heal- your doctor will let you know when the area is fully recovered. If needed, your doctor can fit you with temporary restorations while healing.

Once you have completely healed, your doctor will work with you to design and place your final restorations, restoring your teeth to optimal appearance and function.

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