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Fractured Tooth

A tooth fracture is defined by a tooth breaking above the gumline and a portion of it completely separating.

The severity of fracture depends on the depth of tooth structure exposed. This often occurs as the result of trauma or impact to the face and mouth.

When a tooth has fractured deep enough to expose the inner dentin layer beneath the hard enamel, it can cause increased sensitivity and make the tooth more prone to decay if left untreated. It notably affects the appearance of your smile and can create sharp edges to the tooth that cause discomfort.

As part of the diagnostic process, typically your doctor will take a series of x-rays of the area to verify additional injury beyond what is visible has not occurred.

It is important to seek treatment for a fractured tooth immediately so that your doctor can evaluate the area, rule out additional injury, and restore your damaged tooth to its optimal appearance and function.

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